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Media Analytics turns Information into Insight, with more than 25 years of data and experience in the Direct Response Industry!

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Retailer Report

Product SnapshotProduct Snapshot 

  • Track and monitor media exposure  for all DRTV products in retail
  • Compare pricing information by product, category and store
  • Analyze competitors’ media campaigns , including offer details,   demographic targets, full length creative  and campaign spend
  • Assess brand strategies, including breadth of products, retailer concentration, pricing strategy and more.

Opportunities for Retailers


Unique Benefits

  • Find new products with high media exposure
  • Price and manage your category presence in the As Seen on TV Category
  • Intelligently plan for growth with category spend and new DRTV product metrics

Key Features

  • Over 15,0000 unique data sets, including Media Spending by Product, Category and Retailer
  • New product entry alerts  (by product, by retailer)
  • Trend analysis by month, quarterly or annually

Opportunities for Brands

Unique Benefits

  • Intelligently position your product offer
  • Optimize and exploit your  DRTV media spendt to maximize your retail success
  • Find the best retailers for your product

Key Features

  • Over 15,000 proprietary data sets, including  Product Offer Details , Retailer Category Presence
  • Receive alerts for competitors’ products / new releases / price changes
  • Review competitors’ product offer details, including creative, price

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