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Media Analytics turns Information into Insight, with more than 25 years of data and experience in the Direct Response Industry!

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Media Rankings

More than 25 years of accuracy has made The IMS Report the most trusted and reliable ranking in the Direct Response Industry. Our multiple reports for infomercials and short-form spots are an essential tool for determining the current state of DR and where it's progressing.

Free Top 25 Ranking

Everyone wants to know who is number one. Forward thinkers want to know what’s coming next. Register with Media Analytics for a free monthly report and get the scoop on the leading products and marketers in direct retail.

Searchable, Sortable, Accessible

Find out where your products rank, search for similar products, and explore categories for what’s new and on the move. Keep track of how much your competitors are spending, how often they air and on which networks. Weekly, monthly, consecutive, and power rankings reveal all the latest developments and trends in direct retail.

By the Numbers

Long form and short form by frequency and media index, The IMS Report compiles the top 25, 50, and 100 every week and every month. A 25 year history of accuracy and reliability has made the IMS Report an indispensable tool within the DR community.

Click to Look Closer

Go beyond the rankings for a complete report on any show or spot.

Take a Wider View

The marketplace transcends language and borders, and so should you. Complement your National Cable reports with weekly and monthly Spanish-language and Australian rankings for enhanced insight into direct retail.

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